How to minimize your risk and maximize your profit in Stock market

There are lots of ways to reduce stress stock market, and I will discuss some important ways to reduce it and maximize your profit.
Do not watch Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, or stock news channel for a long time. All news will disrupt your rhythm. Remember that the stock market is all about supply and demand, just saying. You do not need to listen to all those journalists who are themselves, perhaps even investors or traders. Learning is good, but too paranoid of news data is required.

Just listen yourself, there will be many rumors about grapes inside information on some stocks. Take them with a grain of salt. In fact, consider them as just humor. You only one who controls their investment, so you must do your homework. You will be responsible for all decisions you make, you have to prepare yourself very well, and do not follow rumors floating.
Get enough sleep every night. Sleeping 6 – 8 hours a day, give you a big advantage on how to respond and react to market changes during the day compared to sleeping less than 5 hours per day. After a good night you can be fresh and gives you a sharp mind to face not just market, but the problems of everyday life.
Have a good plan. Investment and trade should do according to your working methodically to help you create wealth and minimize their losses, thereby reducing long-term stress. Many people get stuck on bad stocks, because they are not confident, do not let this happen to you.
Trading allows a large number of mental energy and puts stress on your body. Keep your body well balanced with what you eat. I always have fresh fruit everyday usually apple, orange or kiwi. Try not to make a habit to eat junk food and replace it with healthier alternatives like fruit or oatmeal crackers. Why not make your favorite fruit juice without sugar and shake until the market closed, it gives you a rest from the mental concentration and allows your brain to calm itself.
Surround yourself with optimistic people. Being with people who are stressed and / or negative fluids would just give you more attention for consideration. Instead, talk to your trader / investor friends who are optimistic and give good advice where to get even with.

Learn to accept your losses. No trader can win all the time in the stock market. If you can maximize profits and minimize their losses significantly, you find yourself creating wealth in record time. Set on a methodology acceptable interest rates and loss to follow him. I set mine to 5%. Every time I’ve lost 5% in stocks that I bought, I immediately accept the loss and sell it. Capital Protection should be a priority. The stock market, you should take humility that you do as the king and the price you just after it.